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Syri Press, a division of EagleRidge Technologies, is pleased to announce the second quarter 2002 publication of two new college-level instructional e-books:

  1. Systems Engineering Notes by William McCumber and Crystal Sloan
    1. About the Authors
      1. Professor William McCumber:   [Bill's Biography]   [Bill's Technical Background]
      2. Crystal Sloan:   [Crystal's Biography]   [Crystal's Technical Background] - call or write
  2. Beginning Web Development Notes by Roberta Bush
    1. About the Author
      1. Roberta Bush:   [Robin's Biography]

These were first available in June 2002, with print versions to follow. For more information on availability and distribution, email us at: [] for details.

Coming soon: Web Accessibility, the Complete Guide.
Why should you care about making your websites accessible to persons with disabilities? Because it's the right thing to do and because it's the law. Let our trained professionals guide you through the whole process.










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